Innovative Quality Schools


Minnesota New Country School

MNCS is a small charter school with focus on learning from hands-on experience. At MNCS every student is treated as an individual. Students at MNCS receive credit by doing projects, which can be anything from a slideshow about dolphins to learning a computer programming language. Credit is earned based on the quality of learning demonstrated at the end product of the project. Students are given responsibility and choice regarding what they learn at MNCS. Students set their own goals and accomplish their own tasks.

MNCS Core Values

ECHO Charter School

ECHO Charter School is located in rural Southwest Minnesota. We first opened our doors in 1997. A group of concerned parents and other community members gathered to discuss the desire to establish a school that was more geographically convenient than the existing school districts and would better meet the specific, individual needs of their children. They wanted a school that was small, one where students felt comfortable and, ideally, where parents would have more input into their children’s education.

Cyber Village Academy

Cyber Village Academy serves approximately 265 students in Kindergarten- Grade 12. We have two programs, Fusion and PASCAL. The majority of the school’s students are in its Fusion program, a hybrid program in which students split their time between on campus and online education. Students attend on campus Monday-Wednesday and participate remotely on Thursdays and Fridays. Students may also come in to Study Center on Thursdays and Fridays. CVA also has a fully online program, PASCAL, for students in Grades K-12 throughout Minnesota.