Innovative Quality Schools


Minnesota New Country School

MNCS is a small charter school with focus on learning from hands-on experience. At MNCS every student is treated as an individual. Students at MNCS receive credit by doing projects, which can be anything from a slideshow about dolphins to learning a computer programming language. Credit is earned based on the quality of learning demonstrated at the end product of the project. Students are given responsibility and choice regarding what they learn at MNCS. Students set their own goals and accomplish their own tasks.

MNCS Core Values

Venture Academy

Venture Academy was founded in 2011 by Jon Bacal and Verne Johnson, and joined in 2012 by Kerry Muse, who shared the belief that in the heart, mind, and soul of every young person if a genius waiting to be discovered, a passion and purpose waiting to be found. They aimed to implement a personalized learning model that closes the vast college- and career-readiness gap that confronts economically disadvantaged youth in the Twin Cities.

Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy

Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy (JGESA) promotes a love of learning and creativity as students in grades 6-12 discover and pursue their passions. Our students take ownership of their learning through student driven, project-based learning. Living our mission of “Out of the Classroom, Into the World” JGESA believes that education should not be contained within walls. Students are encouraged to participate in real world learning experiences, connect with subject experts, and explore our campus that includes over 300 acres of woods, prairie, and water.