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Minnesota New Country School

MNCS is a small charter school with focus on learning from hands-on experience. At MNCS every student is treated as an individual. Students at MNCS receive credit by doing projects, which can be anything from a slideshow about dolphins to learning a computer programming language. Credit is earned based on the quality of learning demonstrated at the end product of the project. Students are given responsibility and choice regarding what they learn at MNCS. Students set their own goals and accomplish their own tasks.

MNCS Core Values

  • Choice
  • Passion for Learning
  • Responsibility
  • Relationship

School Address

Note that the address listed at right is the High School. MNCS also operates an Elementary School:

127 N 8th St
Henderson, MN 56044

General info

Year opened: 
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School Address: 
210 Main Street
Henderson, MN 56044
United States